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Our mission at Founders Mastermind is to help our members create world-class networks, cultivate memorable experiences, and discover their brightest path as individuals.

The world’s most exclusive community of growth-minded entrepreneurs

Our mission at Founders Mastermind is to help our members create world-class networks, cultivate memorable experiences, and discover their brightest path as individuals.

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6 Key Benefits of Being a Founders Member

Expand your inner circle and build relationships with some of the world’s brightest individuals.


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Experience increased access to premium deal flow, clients, and partnership opportunities.


Leverage your developing network to grow personally and professionally.


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Learn proven methods to increase advanced KPIs like customer lifetime value, average order value, retention, and other revenue-driving metrics.


Operate your business from some of the most desirable locations and venues in the world.


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Gain motivation and inspiration from a positive, encouraging community that shares knowledge and resources.


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How Founders Has Changed The Lives Of Its Members.

Founded By: Market Leading Owners

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Tim Burd

Tim Burd
About Tim

Tim Burd is a public speaker, consultant, and serial entrepreneur who’s been called the “Godfather of Facebook Advertising” for his many years of supporting and empowering digital marketers.

Tim’s Facebook Ad Buyers Group is the largest community of online advertisers in the world. He is the co-founder and CEO of AdLeaks, an exclusive subscription-based community and resource for digital marketing and business growth.

In addition to hosting Mastermind workshops and events, Tim has been featured on publications and platforms ranging from Forbes and Bloomberg to Buzzfeed and Bravo.

Tim Burd lives in Newport Beach, California, and works with clients worldwide as a high-end advertising consultant and business development expert.

Sean Brown

Sean Brown
About Sean

Sean Brown started developing his business acumen while he was still in high school, investing his own savings in starting businesses as a budding serial entrepreneur.

He started more than a dozen companies, including multiple firms in the technology space, at a young age. The systems and teams he built established a template for scaling success that he’s used to help other startups grow as an investor and consultant.

Today, Sean Brown is CEO and founder of GO VC, a boutique early-stage investment firm.

GO VC provides venture capital and operations, marketing, and infrastructure support for a wide range of online and offline businesses.

Sean believes in empowering owners to focus on the aspects of their businesses that they’re most excited about. He takes a personal stake in business development and applies GO VC’s collective expertise to help entrepreneurs thrive.

As a digital marketer and business owner himself, Sean has maximized market advantages and boosted ROI for clients across a wide range of industries.

Sean lives in Orange County with his wife, Casey Brown, and their two children.

Maxwell Finn

Maxwell Finn
About Maxwell

Loot, Drugz and Coins. What do these have to do with Maxwell Finn, President of Unicorn Innovations?

Born into a family of entrepreneurs, Maxwell Finn was raised to have an eye for creative opportunity. He attended prestigious Babson College, top-rated for entrepreneurial education. While there, he started "Loot!" a mobile platform that connected brands with fans and customers. Maxwell's first ecommerce endeavor, Startup Drugz, ushered him into the potential of Facebook advertising. Startup Drugz hit a $500k run rate in just 6 months.

Maxwell co-founded his first agency, Quantum Media, with Jeremy Adams and Kevin Harrington (the original Shark from Shark Tank.) The agency ran Facebook ads and sales funnels for several Fortune 500 companies, including 3M. While at Quantum he sold over $4M of Trump coins during the presidential election, winning a "Two Comma Club" award from ClickFunnels.

Max has inspired and mentored ten startups in the past decade. He is passionate about helping everyday entrepreneurs succeed. Maxwell Finn's Facebook course and his brainchild, Unicorn Academy, have generated over $1 million in profits and have educated over 3,000 students. Small businesses, multinational companies and non-profits have all experienced the purpose, passion and persistence that define Maxwell Finn.

When he’s not helping businesses grow, he's speaking, writing and educating about entrepreneurship and profitable marketing strategies. Max is a regular contributor to major publications like AdWeek, and he's a popular speaker on podcasts and at worldwide marketing events.

A top-rated, proven entrepreneur, Maxwell Finn loathes the status quo, likes the color blue and is 2% of the good kind of crazy.

Jeremy Adams

Jeremy Adams
About Jeremy

Jeremy Adams thinks too big to put him in a nutshell, but here are a few words that define this CEO of Unicorn Innovations:

Growth-Seeker. Growing up in Ocala, Florida, Jeremy started out waiting tables and he ended up creating an industry-leading food truck business. Named one of Forbes' 30 under 30, Jeremy was a founding partner of Quantum Media with Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington and Maxwell Finn. Now, as CEO of Unicorn Innovations, Jeremy has a deep passion for growing businesses and adding value to all parties in the process.

Giver. Jeremy believes in giving back and serves on the board of both Goodwill of Central Florida and Hope Now International. Through these organizations, he benefits local Florida communities with job helps, home buying opportunities and assistance for school-aged children.

Lifelong-Learner. Committed to ongoing training, Jeremy has attended personal development retreats all over North America. He has aggressively sought advancement through Sandler Sales Training and being mentored by business masterminds. Jeremy also proves that "leaders are readers" through his extensive audio book repertoire.

Jeremy Adams enjoys starting his daily routine from anywhere in his worldwide home office. When he's not growing businesses, giving or learning, you might find him watching international soccer, enjoying a great restaurant or deep in a meaningful, long-form discussion.

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Founders Mastermind connects you with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs that have walked the path you’re on -- and know what your next steps should be.

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Build sustainable success with proven systems and active support.


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Examine and improve your sales and marketing efforts at every stage, from optimizing for conversions to generating more traffic and everything in between.


Scale Your Network, Scale Your Business

Founders Mastermind entrepreneurs and experts aren’t passive spectators. They’re your future partners, consultants, and support system for exponential growth.


Tactics for Every Platform

Get the latest tips and tricks that actually work from active ad buyers, agency owners, digital marketers, eCommerce experts and more.


Plug and Play (and Profit)

Ready-made templates, campaign structures, creative assets, tools and more are available and easy to customize to launch initiatives quickly.

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We help members create world-class networks, cultivate memorable experiences, and discover their brightest path as individuals.

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