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Mykonos Summer Retreat June 4-7 2023


The annual retreat this year is being held in Mykonos, Greece on June 4-7, 2023. This is the next level event of the year for Founders/Business Owners & Entrepreneurs.

Our retreat is very different than anything you may have been to in the past. At our retreat there are no speeches, no presentations, no meeting rooms. It is all about luxury at a 5 star resort with amazing food and activities to get to know everyone on a much deeper level and make true friends.

All of our members are 7, 8 and 9 figure business owners and you can expect the conversations and quality of attendees and speakers to reflect that. 

This retreat is limited to 80 members total. It is intimate. It is not a huge event with thousands of people where you do not get to interact with the other members in a meaningful way.

Besides all the invaluable information you will learn, the networking is second to none. Being in Mykonos with 80 other business owners in all different areas that can benefit you can literally change your life. We have many members who found their business partner or a client or someone that could immensely help their business or had dealt with the exact issue they were facing and so on. If you have ever been to a business event, you know how important networking can be for your business and growth.

FoundersMastermind is not just a seminar. It's an experience like no other.

We do something no other mastermind does. This retreat is NOT a "seminar" at all. There are no speeches, no presentations and no meeting rooms at the retreat.

The annual retreat is an opportunity to relax and network for a few days and have fun with other Founders members. These retreats are in exotic locations. Last year was Cabo, this year (2023) is Mykonos! The retreats have no speeches and no presentations. Its pure fun and networking.

Activities typically include group breakfast lunch and dinner with lots of drinks, yacht day, horse rides on the beach, fire shows, golf, aerial performances, fireworks, massages, jet skis, snorkeling and other amazing group activities. These are 5 star experiences in every way.

Did I mention your hotel/villa is included and we cover EVERYTHING so its all inclusive for you?? No one likes taking their wallet out constantly on a fun trip.

You are also ENCOURAGED to bring your significant other to the retreat. A fun networking trip thats a business write off? Yes please! But at these retreats its a lot more than just networking, you actually make real friends. These retreats have been the members favorite event of the year consistently! 

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Who is this for?

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Investors, Influencers, Ad Agencies and any business owner whose company is doing at least 7-9 figures in revenue annually who wants to dramatically increase their revenue and profit.

The Next Retreat is in Mykonos, Greece in Summer 2023 and spots are filling up fast. What are you waiting for?? Register Now!



Spring Mastermind - NYC March 2-3, 2023

Summer Retreat  - Mykonos - June 4-7, 2023

Fall Mastermind - Los Angeles - September/October 2023 - Exact Dates TBD


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